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Support Leo

Here is how you can best support Leo in his journey to become an author.  Unlike many web authors, he does not ask for donations.

  1.  Download the Radish Fiction App and follow his stories there!  This helps him gain traction in the Radish Marketplace
  2. Comment and like the stories on this blog, and follow this blog
  3. Link stories on this blog and share them with web communities, bloggers, agents,  friends, or others that would enjoy them!  Bring his stories up in appropriate forum discussions
  4. If you are on wattpad, vote and comment for each of his chapters
  5. Vote for his stories on top web fiction!
  6. Purchase, read, and review (on amazon and goodreads) his novels!
  7. Build hype!  I’m dedicated to giving you the best possible stories that I can.  The bigger of an audience I have, the more that I can focus on writing.
  8. Join his mailing list and facebook page (links on side bar)
  9. Follow his twitter


If you absolutely want to donate, know that every cent will go towards promotion of his novels.  This applies to editing fees/payments, cover creation, advertising, promotions, giveaways, etc. It will not go to his pocket. Donations can be sent through paypal to LeonardPetracci@gmail.com, and please note that Leo is not asking for them but is happy to accept them.



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