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Short Story Archive

In Progress Multi-Part Stories:

The Bridge – On a  multi-generational ship among the stars, how can the mission survive when disaster strikes?  Science Fiction


Below is a list of short stories that I have completed in the past.  Be sure to check back every week as this list will grow!

Most Popular Short Story:

Allen: The Rogue A.I. -Humanity cured cancer in 2063. Well, technically humanity didn’t do it. Their Artificial Intelligence did. And it’s not finished.  Science Fiction


Completed Multi-Part Stories

The Insanity Pill – When the government develops a pill designed to increase intelligence, what happens when it also drives people insane? Science Fiction

The Alaskan Vampire – A Vampire is exiled to Alaska, where it is sunny for months, with revenge on his mind. Fantasy/Paranormal

Two Pills – The doctor prescribed two pills a day, but not for your well being.  For others.  Science Fiction/Mythology

The Billionaire God – How much money does it take to become a deity?  Science Fiction/Horror

Parallel Universe – It may be easier to hop across universes than you realized.  But do you really want to?  Science Fiction/Horror

Horror Stories

The Candle Shop – Our candles have the best essences!  Try one for yourself!  Horror

The Atlas Room – Your new room mate seems to have a way with the ladies.  Single Part, Thriller

The Lucienne Twins – Two twins are inseperable, even by death.  Multipart, Paranormal

If Hell Exists, I Found the Gate – There’s treasure buried deep beneath the earth, but is it bait or glory?  Multipart, Paranormal, Symbolic/Biblical

The Soul Doctor – All diseases are diagnosable, right?  Right?  Horror, Symbolic

Shallow Water – Something just brushed your leg, but it’s probably nothing.  Probably.  Horror

Suits – Time to spend some time in your friend’s shoes.  Horror

Hotel California – You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.  Thriller, Horror

Bite Sized Stories

The Fourth Wall – It’s been broken before, but in this story it’s shattered. ASMR

The Pet Shop – My wife had the voice of an angel.  Horror/Symbolic

Murder by Numbers – Judge, and ye shall be judged.  Prompted Story

Mother Earth – Everyone has a special someone.  Not everyone can make it work.  Bittersweet

Fractured Souls – If matter is conserved, are souls?

Heaven Takes Guts – Martyrs don’t die for nothin.  Religious/moral/preachy

The Pint – Sit down, and take a drink with me.  Heavy

A Friend Forgotten – There’s someone I used to know well, as if he was a part of me.  Bittersweet

The Wish– Prompted Story

High School Sweetheart – Prompted Story, Bittersweet

Brain Freeze – Science Fiction, HFY

Shared Intelligence – Science Fiction, Revenge

Edge of the Universe – Who says it’s not in the backyard?

Daughterly Love – Prompted Story, Horror

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