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Life Magic

Life Magic is my most famous work!  For ten years I’ve planned it and now thousands of readers are following it.  Join the movement.

More chapters are available and will be coming soon.

Chapters 1-8 (Ember, Candle, Growing Pains, Laddergate Academy of Magic, Trial by Fire, The Magic Test, Air Magic, The Dance of Death)

Chapters 9-16 (Opportunities Arise, The Proposal, A Race for Life, Querkus, A Lesson in History, Extortion, Knives and Scars, The Blind Seer)

Chapter 17 Into the Storm

Chapter 18 Pruning the Garden

Chapter 19 Bloom

Chapter 20 Collide

Chapter 21 Blood

Chapter 22 Hunted

Chapter 23 Interruption

Chapter 24 Flight

Chapter 25 Cryson

Chapter 26 Fork

Chapter 27 Written in Blood

Chapter 28 The Royal Gift

Chapter 29 Welcome Guests

Chapter 30 Setting the Trap

Chapter 31 Breach

Chapter 32 Pebble Upholding the Boulder

Chapter 33 Shadowseeker

Chapter 34 Cat and Mouse

Chapter 35 Lockdown

Chapter 36 Through Closed Doors

Chapter 37 Rendezvous

Chapter 38 Inside the Wall

Chapter 39 Whisterwood

Chapter 40 Granttan

Chapter 41 Underwater

Chapter 42 A Taste of Whiskey

Chapter 43 Pearls

Chapter 44 Sink or Swim

Chapter 45 The Veil

Chapter 46, Tymik

Chapter 47

Chapter 48

Chapter 49

Chapter 50

Chapter 51

Chapter 52

Chapter 53

Chapter 54

Chapter 55

Chapter 56

More coming soon, at least one chapter per week. Download the Radish Fiction app to read them faster.

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17 thoughts on “Life Magic

  1. So… This will be a paperback, right? It was very inspirational for me and I’m trying to buy a lot of good fantasy as a part of my research, basically.


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