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Welcome to Leo’s Blog!  Here you can find all the stories he is working on as well as his archives of past stories.

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Here is a list of stories he is working on right now that you can read!  Combined, that’s over 100 chapters of material just waiting to provide you with entertainment.

  1. Life Magic – Leo’s most popular story with several thousand readers.  This is a fantasy tale with a heaping pile of mythology, elemental magic, and adventure!  50 chapters have been written so far with more coming soon.
  2. Eden’s Eye – A paranormal story for those of you that enjoy supernatural events!  Eden’s Eye is about a boy who goes blind in a freak accident, and then discovers he can see creepy things that no one else can.  Eden’s Eye will be published in October for Halloween, but you can start reading it now.
  3. The Bridge – Science Fiction fans only for this story!  The Bridge describes a star ship sent by earth to colonize a new planet and is set a thousand years after take off.  When the ship is struck by an asteroid, the  passengers must learn how to live without technology to survive.
  4.  Stormjar – Coming to this blog soon!
  5.  Short Story Collection– Check this out for bite sized stories to read during your daily commute or lunch hour!
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