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Today’s Bargain Ebook


Mountain View

Today’s bargain Ebook is Dragonvein. Carentan, France 1944 – Ethan Martin, a soldier in the 101st Airborne, is fighting for his life. But soon he will learn what peril truly is when he is ripped from his world and transported to a land of magic, swords, and dragons. And though the Nazis are now far, far away, danger is closer than ever. The Eternal Emperor, Shinzan has destroyed the mages and only a few dragons remain in exile. And now that Ethan, son of Praxis Dragonvein, has returned he must destroy him as well. Faced with unimaginable power, Ethan has only one hope – to reach the dwarf kingdom of Elyfoss before Shinzan can find him.

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Today’s Free Ebook

Adventures of the Starship Satori

Mountain View

For links to the suggested books, open your alexa app. Today’s free ebook is Adventures of the Starship Satori. The moon hides a secret: we are not alone. Humanity is not the only life reaching for the stars, nor were we the first. When an ancient starship is discovered within a ruined alien base on Earth’s moon, it sets in motion a crisis. The ship has a working wormhole driving capable of carrying us to the stars – or becoming the golden apple which starts a war no one can win. A handful of unlikely heroes will risk their lives to keep the starship safe. But not everyone sees the ship as a vehicle for exploration, and some will stop at nothing to possess it. Will humanity’s first starship also be its last?

Today’s Featured Audiobook

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The World Walker

Mountain View

Today’s featured audiobook is The World Walker. Just outside Los Angeles, a prisoner hidden away for 70 years sits up, gets off the bed and disappears through a solid wall. In Australia, a magician impresses audiences by producing real elephants. Nobody realizes it’s not an illusion. Across the world, individuals and ancient organizations with supernatural power suddenly detect the presence of something even they can’t understand. At the center of it all, Seb Varden, a 32-year old musician with a secret in his past, slits his wrists, is shot dead and run over on the freeway. He’s had better days. Seb is about to discover the universe is a far more complicated place than he’d ever imagined.

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