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Free Reads

Welcome to Free Reads!  Here top quality free and discounted Ebooks  and a featured Audiobook will be listed and updated daily.  Enable the Alexa App to receive them through your device!

CLICK HERE for today’s free Ebook, discounted Ebook, and featured Audiobook!

To submit a book that will be heavily discounted or free to Free Reads, to reach out with any concerns, or to contact the development team, email leonardpetracci@gmail.com

Submission Guidelines for Free Reads Books:

  1. There must be a minimum of 40 reviews on the product with at least a 4.3 average
  2. Editorials and professional reviews are encouraged
  3. Publication companies are preferred over self published authors but both can apply
  4. Discounted books must be at least 50% off
  5. Include in your email the link to your product, the date that you want to have it featured, and if that date is flexible.  At least one week’s notice is required for a submission
  6. I reserve the right to reject any submission at my personal discretion, and my top priority is bringing readers books that I know are fresh and high quality
  7. Please wait 45 days between submissions unless otherwise advised by me
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