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Eden’s Eye

When Hell attacks Earth, only a precious few can defend against it!  Join Caleb from his humble beginnings in a trailer park as he squares against the legions of evil.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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6 thoughts on “Eden’s Eye

  1. Hi Leonard,

    I just recently found some of your stories on Reddit. I started reading Eden’s Eye and was immediately sucked in, I had to read the book. So I purchased it on Amazon last night and starting reading it, I was so immersed in the story I could not put it down! Usually I read to help me fall asleep, but I found myself shocked when I looked at my clock and saw that it was 4am, I had to force myself to put it down. But I picked it right back up as soon as I could today and just finished it!

    Your writing is beautiful and truly allows the reader to immerse themselves in it, feeling as though you are right there by Caleb’s side, feeling his fear as he hid under his trailer to hide from his father, experiencing his shock when he woke with out his eye sight, the pain he felt as his mother took her last breath, the pain he felt when making the sacrifice of removing himself completely from his loves memeories, All of it!! Thank you, thank you for your beautiful writing and also thank you for bring new life to a genre that has become stagnate, stale and lacking originality! It has been far to long since there has been a horror writter that was able to write a supernatural story that was as captivating as this one!

    Please tell me that you are working on the second novel in this series??!! At the back of the book it said to go to the Radish app in order to read the second book as it was being written, but I was not able to find anything searching by both your name and the title. Will you be posting some chapters here on your blog, or is there another platform on which I can find it?!!


    1. Hey! Happy that you enjoyed it 🙂 I really appreciate the comments 🙂

      So I’ve started work on book 2- make sure you are on my mailing list to get updates. I’m not 100% sure yet how I want to host it but I’m working on it. Before I start spitting out chapters online I need to make sure I have all the kinks in the plot worked out.

      Stay tuned! It’s coming! Bear in mind that book one took me two years, though I’m much faster at writing now.



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