Hey everyone!  2016 is almost over, and with 2017 just on the horizon, I want to create some goals for the new year.  But first, let’s do a recap of 2016!

2016 was an incredible year- This blog began in 2016, I published two novels and finished half of three others, and I started taking writing seriously.  The two major events were publishing Til Death Do Us Part and Eden’s Eye!

Til Death Do Us Part: This standalone novel took me about six months to write and was my first major novel to hit Amazon.  I absolutely loved working on this- the humor was awesome, the characters were fun and did not require much depth, and the plot is just flat out fun.  Heck, the first 10 chapters or so are about a prison break orchestrated by toddlers.  Thanks to everyone who read it, and if you haven’t had a chance to yet, be sure to pick up a copy!

Eden’s Eye: This novel is the first in a series about Caleb Anaid, demon hunter and protector of Earth.  It took two years to write this novel, and I love how it has come out!  Lots of Biblical inserts here as well as some awesome action, and a temptation to join the dark side (just in time for star wars!)

Also in 2016, The Bridge and Stormjar were both started!  I’ll go over these more in depth in my next post about what lies ahead in 2017.

An experiment I tried this year was having an Amazon Kindle Fire giveaway to one of my fans!  Your reception was incredible, and I’ll be having more in the future.

Thanks again for your support, and I look forward to another awesome year!