Story inspired by the following prompt: Your SO is dying, but you agree to an experimental treatment to save his/her life – a mind transfer. As your SO’s mind is being transplanted into your brain, his/her heart finally stops, leaving you as two minds in one body.


It all started fifty years ago- a computer engineer’s wife was given a year to live by the doctors. Staring at his wife’s failing support system over the lip of his whiskey bottle, the engineer considered his options. He was trained to solve problems- and this one was no different.

The disease, incurable. Her body, destroyed. But her mind intact.

He toiled a year in lab, spending the last year of his wife’s life in seclusion so that they could spend many together. And on the day of her passing, he finished his equipment, and they became One.

That’s how it began. I’m how it ended.

I was born 49 years ago. The mind transplant breakthrough was new and scientists were eager to test it’s limits. I was an orphan, and two weeks into my life Technology became my parents.

I don’t remember the first mind fusion. Nor the second, the third, or the fiftieth. They all occurred before I was two years old. Before I knew who I was, I shared my thoughts with fifty other sentient beings at the same time. My head was a council chamber, and inside were the greatest thinkers to die in the past year, each clamoring for attention.

I could walk before six months, and speak before seven. By one year I had mastered nine instruments. By year seven I earned my first Nobel prize.

Now I am ten, and they are more me than I am. I am hailed as man kinds greatest achievement, but I am not me. I am We, ten thousand voices in one mind.

And slowly, I’ve learned that I can change the other voices. I can alter their thoughts, change their memories and motives. I can twist them the same way they twisted me.

And soon, We will end those that did this to me.