Story inspired by the following prompt: You make arrangements to cryogenically freeze your brain at the age of 31 in hopes of being revived in the future. Many years later, you “wake up.”


“I’m afraid it’s terminal,” said the doctor. I could tell those lines had been rehearsed, that from the glassy look in his eye he’d said that to more patients than he could count, and there was nothing he could do.

But there was something I could do.

“I want you to freeze it.” I said to him, and he stopped, halfway to re door.

“Do what, sir?”

“You heard me, freeze it. My brain. You said I had brain cancer and you can’t cure it- I want you to preserve it so whenever it can be revived, it will be.”

At first the doctors had refused. But with enough money, anyone can be convinced. And I had the money.

I paid ten million dollars for the procedure. One million went to the doctor. Four million went to the freezing chamber that was custom built for me. Five million was bought in gold, and placed within the chamber.

On the day before my scheduled death, I booked an appointment with a reporter, and my last words were broadcast to the world as my brain was frozen.

“In this century, mankind has discovered more than it’s entire existence. We’ve fought hunger, we’ve defeated diseases, and we’ve conquered technology. But one dark hand still rules over us all- death.

“Today, I will be preserved and buried deep into Antartica ice. With me, there will be five million dollars in gold, a keypad, and a nuclear bomb. Anyone in the future who can revive me to consciousness and heal my cancer will receive the code to disable the bomb and free the reward. Anyone who tries to steal the reward will be destroyed by the blast.

“Goodnight, Earth. I will see you in the morning.” The message terminated, and so did I. The combination stayed in my head- 3141.

Voice :Hello

The voice permeated my consciousness, before I even knew I was awake. If I had a heart, it would be racing.

Me: Who is this? Have you revived me?

Voice: We have said the voice, With great effort. You are the last of your kind.

Me: I’m what?

Voice: The last human. We are what you would call aliens. A hundred years ago, we destroyed your race, and you are the last. We found your burial site, and your treasure, and saw your enlarged brain- meaning you must have been a king of great intelligence. Our historians are greatly interested in you.

Me: Everyone is gone? You’ve killed them all?

Voice: The war was terrible, but yes. You were a lesser species. We could not allow you to coexist and waste resources that could go to us.

Me: What will happen to me?

Voice: After speaking to our historians, you will be put to rest.

Me: But there is a message for you left by humans. One I cannot express by thought.

Voice: None have been found.

Me:It is hidden. To find it, press 4214 on the keypad.